How to load my CR account into CR Mod?

*Troubleshooting guide at the end.


  • iOS 9+

Step 1.  Delete original Clash Royale, otherwise you can’t install CR Loader

Step 2. Install CR Loader from

Step 3. Open CR Loader and load your account with Game Center

Step 4. Reopen CR Mod.

* You need to reinstall Clash Royale from App Store to buy gems.


If you couldn’t load your account:

  1. Are you on iOS 9+?
    • Yes -> Check next
    • No -> Upgrade your iOS
  2. Did you remove original CR?
    • Yes -> Check next
    • No -> Remove original CR
  3. Did you use CR Loader?
    • Yes -> Check next
    • No -> CR Mod can’t load accounts from game center, use CR Loader.
  4. Did you see the game center welcome back message in CR Loader?
    • Yes -> This game center account is not linked to your old account. Try with correct game center account.
    • No -> Sign out game center in Settings app then sign in with CR Loader.

What happens after developer certificate expired?

Q: What happens after developer certificate expired?

A: Installed COC Mod, COC Bot etc. cannot be launched after dev cert expired.

Q: How to renew developer certificate?

A: You can buy new developer certificate after current dev cert expired.

Q: How to install mods signed with new developer certificate?

A: You need to delete old COC Mod etc. before you can install the one signed with new dev cert.

Settings, auto saved village list and army compositions will be lost when you delete old COC Mod etc.You might want to backup army compositions & bot settings before dev cert expires.

How to copy base layout?

With COC Mod you can copy other’s base layout when visiting, scouting or watching a replay.

Step 1.

Tap Visit (or Scout, Replay)

visit button

Step 2.

Wait 2 seconds in the target base, then open COC Mod > Copy Base Layout


copy button

Step 3.

Go home and tap the layout button

edit layout button

Step 4.

Edit one of your war base

choose war layout

Target base layout will be pasted automatically.

You still need to place objects missing in the target base.

*** Traps will be copied as well if you copy by visiting clan member or watching a replay.

edit war layout

Step 5.

After it’s finished you can copy this layout to a farm base slot with COC’s own “Copy layout” button.